COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP)

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    Federal Government

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    A - Primarily intended to fund technology


    Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)


    The Students, Teachers, and Officers Preventing School Violence Act of 2018 (STOP School Violence Act of 2018) gave the COPS Office authority to provide awards to improve security at schools and on school grounds in the jurisdiction of the grantee through evidence-based school safety programs.

    Anticipated outcomes of SVPP awards include: improved information sharing with local law enforcement; increased interaction and improved communications between law enforcement and school officials; reduced notification times to law enforcement; improved response time to threats and events; accurate identification of danger and follow up; increased knowledge of and use of community policing principles; and increased school safety and sustainability planning efforts. 

    In FY2024, funding will be available for the following school safety measures:

    • Acquisition and installation of technology for expedited notification to law enforcement during an emergency
    • Coordination with local law enforcement
    • Placement and use of metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures
    • Training for local law enforcement officers to prevent school violence
    • Any other measure that the COPS Office Director determines may provide a significant improvement in security 

    Any equipment and/or technology items included in the project budget must be clearly linked to the enhancement or implementation of the SVPP project. Examples of such items may include the following:

    • Equipment
      • Entry Control Equipment
      • Door locking mechanisms/access control doors
      • Peepholes for classroom doors
      • School site alarm and protection systems— Motion detectors
      • Lighting (on school grounds)
    • Technology
      • Communication technology
      • Emergency call boxes
      • Intercom or public address (PA) system
      • Panic and immediate alarm notification systems
      • Two-way radios
      • Emergency alerts— Automated text messages or email
      • Identification technology — ID scanning devices (and accompanying equipment)
      • Maps of schools/bus routes — GIS software
      • Security cameras and/or systems (and accompanying equipment)

    History of Funding

    Previous awards may be viewed at:

    Additional Information

    Other allowable expenses under the SVPP program include:

    • Supplies directly related to the SVPP project (e.g. laptops, printers, training manuals, paper, ink, pens, postage, etc.).
    • Salaries and fringe benefits for civilian/non-sworn personnel hired to carry out SVPP project activities (e.g. project coordinators, technology managers, emergency management coordinators, or trainers).
    • Other costs, including prepaid warranties, maintenance agreements (not to exceed 24 months), overtime costs for civilian or law enforcement personnel engaging in SVPP-related activities, or other items with direct correlation to the overall success of an SVPP project and are necessary for the project to reach full implementation.

    A full list of allowable and unallowable costs can be found in the application guidance beginning on page 19:


    COPS Response Center

    COPS Response Center
    145 N Street NE
    Washington, DC 20530
    (800) 421-6770

  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants are states, units of local government, Indian tribes, and public agencies (e.g. School districts, including public charter schools and school districts with a single school; School boards; and Law enforcement agencies.). Recipients of SVPP funding must use funding for the benefit of K-12, primary and secondary schools and students. Individual schools not operating as school districts, Independent schools and private schools, including private charter schools, and colleges, and universities are not eligible to apply as the primary applicant. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an application that demonstrates a comprehensive approach to school safety.

    Deadline Details

    Applicants were required to submit a SF-424 and SF-LLL to by June 11, 2024, at 4:59 PM EDT. Full applications were to be submitted to JustGrants by June 17, 2024, at 4:59 PM EDT. A similar deadline is anticipated annually.

    Award Details

    Up to $73,000,000 is available in FY2024. Awards may be up to $500,000 each. Cost sharing of 25% is required. Project periods will extend up to 36 months, beginning October 1, 2024.

    Through the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022, the program has received an additional $20 million per year through 2026, totaling $100 million in additional funding.

    Approximately $1 million of the available funding will be reserved for microgrants for school districts, including rural, tribal, and low-resourced schools. Microgrant award requests must be for $100,000 or less, and the 25% local match (cost share) requirement may be waived if fiscal need is demonstrated. Consideration for microgrant funding does not exclude your agency from other SVPP funding. 

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